General Information

An annual subscription to Répertoire de vedettes-matière (RVM) allows you to use RVM and its updates and to download records. It is available in three formats for different needs.

It is up to you to decide whether one format is enough or you prefer to use RVM with different interfaces depending on what you are using it for.

RVM Online

Features of RVM online 2016

  • Weekly updates
  • Record downloads
  • User-friendly online interface with clickable elements
  • Display in thesaurus, MARC21 or public mode
  • Navigation through the subject heading semantic network by broader, narrower, or related terms, all clickable
  • Available at the same URL address as all the information necessary for indexing using RVM

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Features of RVM integrated into your catalogue through FTP

  • Monthly updates
  • Automatic correction of most subject heading changes in your catalogue
  • All RVM subject heading records integrated in your library management system

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Features of RVM on CD-ROM

  • Updated twice a year
  • Display in thesaurus, MARC21 or ASCII mode
  • Record downloads
  • Navigation through the subject heading semantic network by broader, narrower, or related terms, all clickable
  • Autonomous format
  • Useful for distant remote work: use of RVM without Internet or online catalogue connection

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    • RVM online rates 2017

      Three subscription options are available:

      • One-month nonrenewable trial subscription: $110
      • Three-month subscription: 30% of the annual fee
      • Annual subscription according to the following subscriber categories:
        • Rate A applies to documentation and resource centers serving educational institutions (elementary, secondary, college, and university) based on student population served. It also applies to specialized documentation centers, based on the size of the parent organization (number of staff in the case of government ministries and departments and public and semi-public organizations, number of members in the case of associations)
        • Rate B applies to public libraries, regional public library service centers, and national and provincial libraries by population served
        • Businesses: subscription is $4,090 renewable at $3,110/year
        • Renewal rate applies only to existing customers subscribed to RVM online for at least one year and ceases to apply if the subscription is interrupted.
      Rate A Rate B Subscription Renewal

      1 à 2,499

      1 à 4,999



      2,500 à 3,999

      5,000 à 9,999



      4,000 à 5,999

      10,000 à 24,999



      6,000 à 9,999

      25,000 à 49,999



      10,000 à 19,999

      50,000 à 99,999



      20,000 à 29,999

      100,000 à 149,999



      30,000 à 39,999

      150,000 à 199,999



      40,000 à 49,999

      200,000 à 299,999



      50,000 and over

      300,000 and over



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    • RVM FTP rates

      To acquire this file, purchaser must sign an RVM end user license agreement. To establish the basic file acquisition and updating fee, Université Laval must know the number of records contained in the library or documentation center catalogue as well as the number of new records added each year. A proposal including rates is then submitted to the customer for approval.

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