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Viewing your search results


  • Displaying a single recod

    The system automatically displays the authority record found.

  • Displaying multiple records

    The system displays a list of records corresponding to the search criteria.


    The first column lists the result number, the second displays the thesaurus, and the third is an authority, a "used for" reference or an equivalent. Coloured symbols indicate:

    • the thesaurus where the equivalent can be found



    • the type of subdivision



    • a "used for" reference referring the user to the authority to be used



    • a heading followed by a form subdivision (when it is the same as a heading followed by a topical subdivision)


  • Viewing the details of an authority record

    Click anywhere on the result line. The record will display without closing the search results. 



    View the detailed records in one of 3 display formats:

    • Thesaurus display
    • Public display
    • MARC display



    Thesaurus display:


    Public display:


    MARC display:


    Note: The MARC display also provides hyperlinks to terms from the thesaurus consulted.

    Note: From a detailed record, click on Send a modification requestto access the modification request form directly (correct a typo, add a "used for" reference, etc.).

  • Navigating within the semantic network of authorities

    Click on an item in the authority’s semantic network: BT (Broader term), NT (Narrower term), or RT (Related term).



    The double arrow to the right of the detailed record allows you to return to the previous record.  


  • Advanced search: search summary

    For an advanced search, the search result can also be viewed as a summary. Click on at least one box to exclude one or more items and search again by clicking on Search.